Author: Haoyu (Emily) Zhong Euphoric delight accompanied by a woeful cry,Everlasting promises shattered at the hour of dawn,Obliterated utterly within blink of an eye,Unforeseen by her overjoyed mind, and then, he was gone.Primeval forest embellished with glimmering sunlight,Overwhelming disbelief and wretchedness all along,Sabotaged mercilessly to escape undesired plight,Unforeseen by his tormented soul, and then, she


Author: Emily (Haoyu) Zhong Highland Park High School, Dallas Texas The psychotic disciple mercilessly slaughtered his glory. Ludicrous guiltreserved in his memories. Tantrums emerged with the gravity of his actions.Peculiar whispers fueled his guilty pleasure. He clung and fought, hopelessly and endlessly, for the last bit of consciousness buried deep in his subconscious mind. Pain