Author: Wiliiam Xu

You suffer to look at me,

Memories, miles, miles away and deep.

Like waves on a soaring sea,

Sounds that reverberate

In an extemporized melody.

You fractured into pieces,

In the crevices low, low beneath.

Nostalgia keeps me, pain stings me like bees.

Sadness seeps from my blue, watery eyes,

As you reveal yourself, read yourself to me.

In the broken mirrors I see,

Those mirrors that you offer voluntarily,

I strayed away from what I had envisioned to be,

Wandered off the tracks,

Lost in the tumultuous sea.

You are both of my eyes deceived,

A part of me lost and never retrieved.

Now on my window sill you’re leaning,

And I’m sick of waiting by your black iron door.

It never unlocked

But the idea I’ve always believed.

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