Author: William Xu

Each entrance, a thunderstorm rage

Darkness converges

Rain blurring every scene

Each exit, a glass of lemonade right away

Sunlight dances from the balcony

Onto green, dewed leaves

Each promise, a child’s vision of the bay

Beyond the mountains

Over silent waves on the sea

Each parting, a season changes

A time of youth fades, in the forever-rushing

River for the ocean, it only flees

Nostalgia long and wide, I’ve been haunted

The line bleak and fine, I’ve never daunted

Wooden guitar sounds began, and we gathered

Sun-city dimmed, and blood glowed on the surface

Campfire by the forest, a chorus sang-off

Can’t stop laughing; a green tent stands

Red and yellow leaves be our coats, they whisper

And rustle in the silent air in sounds of rain

Flowery flatters and plain promises

We needed them to pass the day

But at night—a rush, a glance

Flying shadows within the space of time

A holding-hands, a bantering smile

An eternity in a blink of eye

Everything I feel returns

To that moment somehow

The bliss and melancholy that nostalgia endows

Upon your weary heart

Weary and woe-y be my own as well

Everywhere I turn to traces

Back to that moment somehow

The wealth and prestige that the present borrows

From my years and wisdoms

My ever-enriching land and soil

Everytime I cry the tide of memories surges and flows

In every valley there is an endless river that flows

The sad monsoon rain adds

To its impetus, and it always goes

For its epilogue—the extensive, encompassing ocean

Not even a sound as it enters

And you also vanish

Into the clamorous, converging crowds

Stumbling into the city’s shadows.

Once you asked me:

Where have you been? Where are you going?

My history speaks for me,

In its wheels and mirrors I behold our destiny

The past is dear to believe

The future has more to see

Old friend, forgive me—

But far away the falcon has flown already

Still I clung onto my inner eye’s visions

Still I feel the love bittersweet

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