Pulp Fiction and Pulp Fiction

Author: Mirren Chou Jinan Foreign Language School Introduction: Pulp Fiction is a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. This passage will firstly introduce Pulp Fiction and pulp fiction individually, then explain their relationship from several aspects. There is an extra focus paid on the name of the film, Pulp Fiction. Introduction of pulp fiction. Pulp fiction

Bring darkness into light–On Sex Trade

Author: Aliyn Song the sex trade, Sandy Nubauer, an advocate against legalization reveals the main concerns of most opponents: “We should not even think about legalizing something that promotes violence, trafficking and the abuse of underage girls.”[1] While prostitution has been linked to these offenses, past data reveals that the Netherlands, Australia, and Germany, received

Real Love is Eternal

Author: Aliyn Song                     -1 “Here I am, Andy.” When I entered the ward, as always, no one answered. I moved slowly towards the bed. Looking ghastly pale, he was still asleep, deep and lifelessly. Nurse Jennifer came up and said to me, “Hi. Miss Lawrence.” I nodded and asked numbly, “How is his condition?”